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Exclusion (Rodents, Bats & Birds)



Did you know? Rats can fit through an opening the size of a quarter; mice can scurry through a hole the size of a dime; and bats can squeeze through a gap the size of a pencil eraser! Entry points may occur overtime as a result of settling foundations, corrosion, improper building construction, and wildlife. Exclusion involves sealing all possible entry points that rats, mice, bats, and birds may use to gain access to your home or business.
Some of the most common entry points include:

  • Holes and openings along the foundation, roof, and chimney.
  • Unsecured foundation vents, soffits, dormers, and gables.
  • Inadequate crawlspace doors.
  • Gaps around drains and pipes.

If rodents, bats, or birds are able to gain access to your home or business, they can cause extensive damage to insulation, plumbing, wiring, and even personal belongings. They can also spread various diseases, carry mites and parasites, and cause pungent odors.


Keep rodents, bats, and birds out with Central Termite and Pest Control:



Effective exclusion requires a detailed eye and firm understanding of rats, mice, bats, and birds. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can help keep these critters out of your home or business. For rodents, we highly recommend a combination of exclusion and rodent control for the best results. Whether you’re having problems with critters in, under, or around your home – leave it to the professionals! Call us today for a free inspection.