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Pantry Pest

Flour Moths


Mediterranean flour moth has pale gray forewings with very faint, black, wavy transverse lines. The larvae will leave their food site and crawl around searching for a protected place to pupate. The moths are strong fliers and often are found flying in the house near the infestation site.


Indian meal moths are about ¹⁄³ inch long when at rest and have bicolored forewings, which are brick red on the outer two-thirds and light grayish brown on the basal one-third near the head.


Angoumois grain moths are similar in size and color to clothes moths. The moth is light tan with a few dark specks on the forewings and a fringe of hairs at the rear of the hindwings. They will fly around homes during the daytime Angoumois grain moth larvae feed and develop only in whole kernels of corn or wheat. In homes they generally infest popcorn.


Beetles and Weevils

Grain weevils are dark brown beetles which can be recognized by their long snouts. The larvae or grubs feed inside intact kernels of wheat, rye, rice, corn or other grains. The adult beetles feed on the kernels or on grain dust created by the infestation.

Carpet beetles also prefer products of animal origin but may be found throughout the home feeding on carpets, clothing, upholstery or lint accumulation from either wool or silk fabrics. They are occasionally found on stored food products. Adult carpet beetles feed on the flower pollen of landscape plants.

Cabinet beetles prefer cereals, grain products, spices and other pantry items. The larval stages of these common pantry pests do most of the damage. Cast skins shed by the larvae as they grow have a characteristic pattern of dark brown banding. The adult beetles feed mostly on pollen outdoors but may feed on stored products in the pantry.