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Winter Rodent Intruders

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Wintertime Rodent Intruders

Ahh, Wintertime.

For many of us in Arkansas, the arrival of colder weather brings back memories of carrot-nosed snowmen, snow forts with their ensuing snowball battles, mugs of hot chocolate held with frozen fingers and snuggling with loved ones in the evening beside a warm, crackling fireplace.

It’s a time for family, friends, good comradery and peaceful thoughts.

Then it happens.

That little brown streak of fur flying across the living room floor confirming what your ears forewarned you about the night before with that ominous, scritchy scratchy sound.

Rodents have come for an uninvited Christmas visit.

It’s hard to truly describe the abject panic and confusion that may take place when a rodent darts across the living room floor during evening family time.

Mom and Dad often react with shock, unsure exactly what to do, the kids start screaming (along with the parents in some cases), Fido the dog goes into berserker mode while Fluffy the cat bolts and pulls down the living room curtains trying to get away from the commotion.

The kids start climbing the furniture trying to find a safe spot (again sometimes alongside the parents), the broom come out, along with the fireplace poker, the shoe in the corner and anything else within easy reach that can be used as shield or sword.

The dog is now tearing up the carpet trying to get under the couch while the kids take turns leap-frogging from it, still screaming, over onto the much safer kitchen table. Fluffy the cat disappears and won’t be seen again for three days.

Finally, with all courage mustered, the couch is flipped over and a streak of fur flies from underneath and down the hallway with mad dog Fido in hot pursuit, barking hysterically.


Although this story is meant to evoke a grin and a chuckle from the reader, the general scenario isn’t that far from the truth to say the least.

Follow these recommendations and you’ll greatly reduce the likeliness of this event happening to you:


  • Deny rodents any access to your home! Seal off any and all potential entry point that can be found. Hire a professional to do this if necessary.
  • Remove any food sources from the outside that may attract them. Pet food bowls, tree nuts and bird feeders are common items.
  • Reduce or remove the availability of water around the outside.
  • Eliminate harborage areas for them, or places they may live outside such as lumber piles, old landscaping timbers, clutter piles and so forth.

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